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March 22, 2009 - 10:13 PM
Guest Speaker - William Meheula on CEDED LANDS
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Wiliiam Meheula
Partner in the Law Firm of Winer, Meheula & Devens LLP


In 1994, Bill Meheula represented Pia Aluli, Jon Osorio, Charles Kaaiai and Keoki Kiili in a case to stop the State from selling 500 acres of ceded lands in Lahaina to C. Brewer. Mr. Meheula persuaded OHA to also sue the State to stop this sale. In January 2008, the Hawaii Supreme Court granted the injunction in favor of OHA and Mr. Meheula’s clients.

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The decision held:“We hold that the Apology Resolution and related state legislation, give rise to the State's fiduciary duty to preserve the corpus of the public lands trust, specifically, the ceded lands, until such time as the unrelinquished claims of the native Hawaiians have been resolved.” The State appealed the decision and oral argument before the United States Supreme Court was heard on February 25, 2009. A decision is expected in the next three months. Mr. Meheula will discuss the case, and the Native Hawaiians’ claim to the ceded lands—the lands illegally taken from the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 and transferred to the United States in 1898.

Friday, March 20th, 2009

*Please Note that this meeting will be held on a Friday in comparison to our usual meetings on Thursdays. Mahalo.

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About NHCC
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Founded in 1974, the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) strives to encourage and promote the interests of Native Hawaiians engaged in commerce, services and the professions NHCC members participate in a variety of economic, social and public affairs.
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The Chamber holds monthly membership meetings presenting informative speakers and a monthly newsletter. In addition, the Chamber undertakes special projects of value to the community. Our Membership Directory serves to encourage networking and interaction among our membership. Our Government Relations Committee endeavors to promote and protect unique Hawaiian Business interests. In addition, the Chamber undertakes special projects of value to the community.
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This is an invitation for you to join the Chamber. If you would like to serve not only your own important professional interests, but also those of the Hawaiian business community, the Chamber welcomes and needs you. Membership is open to any person in the State of Hawai'i who is involved in business, a profession or community affairs.

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