Welcome to  Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce
June 15, 2006 - 10:40 AM
Dr. Ginny Pressler, Guest Speaker on June 15th
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 Please join us at our next Luncheon Meeting on June 15 featuring our guest speaker Dr. Ginny Pressler, a Senior Vice President at Hawaii Pacific Health. Dr. Pressler will present an alternative framework for thinking and talking about healthcare that focuses on continued quality for all and how we can all come together to attack the problem in a comprehensive way.
 11:30am - Registration
 12:00pm - Lunch and Speaker
 1:00pm - Pau

 $15.00 for NHCC Members
 $20.00 for NHCC Guests

For more information, contact us via email: webmaster@nativehawaiian.cc
Business Survey
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Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Will Conduct A Business Survey   to Identify Barriers Impeding Native Hawaiian Businesses and Entrepreneurs 
Do Native Hawaiians face more barriers than non-Native Hawaiians when they start new businesses or engage in business ventures? Why aren't more Native Hawaiians interested in becoming entrepreneurs? What are the cultural, financial, educational and social obstacles impeding Native Hawaiians in the business world?These are some of the questions that the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) hopes to have answered through its survey "Ho`owaiwai I Ka Pono, Bring Prosperity through Righteouosness."
About NHCC
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Founded in 1974, the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) strives to encourage and promote the interests of Native Hawaiians engaged in commerce, services and the professions NHCC members participate in a variety of economic, social and public affairs.
Programs & Activities
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The Chamber holds monthly membership meetings presenting informative speakers and a monthly newsletter. In addition, the Chamber undertakes special projects of value to the community. Our Membership Directory serves to encourage networking and interaction among our membership. Our Government Relations Committee endeavors to promote and protect unique Hawaiian Business interests.
Invitation to Join
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This is an invitation for you to join the Chamber. If you would like to serve not only your own important professional interests, but also those of the Hawaiian business community, the Chamber welcomes and needs you. Membership is open to any person in the State of Hawai'i who is involved in business, a profession or community affairs.Why Join The Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce?
  • NHCC provides the necessary organizational structure to unify the Hawaiian business community into a viable economic and social voice.
  • NHCC serves as an avenue for members to exchange ideas and experiences among other active members with similar interests, diversified backgrounds, and strong leadership experience.
 Download   Membership Application (Adobe PDF - 103 KB)